Blue Mines Cycle Trekking


Cyclo trekking in Sardinia, Montevecchio

Montevecchio trek one: Now let’s go into the details of our week of cyclo trekking in the Geominerary Park in South West Sardinia. We start our trip on day 1 cycling along  a route of about 20 km: along route  we will find various archaeological industrial sites of social and cultural interest (mines and deserted mining villages). The local “Piccalinna mountain bike club“ will

Cycle trekking in Sardinia

Blue Mines cycle trekking Sardinia: the week is organised in such a way as to have a minimum of physical activity in the morning – bike or trekking –  before arriving at the finish line that will also be the topic of the day. Essentially the main attraction of our trek isn’t the bike, but the trip to

Blue Mines cycle trekking project

The idea of Blue Mines cycle trekking project was born to accommodate different aspects of sustainable and environmental friendly holidays, full of socio-cultural light. Our ideal clients are couples and not just what they are interested in a complete package of equipment and safe guides that every day will be able to immerse yourself in

Porto Flavia and Masua mine tour

Trek 6, Masua & Porto Flavia: Porto Flavia is a sea harbour located near Nebida. Built in 1923–24, it served as the mineral production hub of Masua in the west coast of the Sardinian Sulcis area. It is named after Flavia Vecelli, the daughter of Cesare Vecelli, who engineered and designed the

Medio Campidano and Costa Verde territories

The Medio Campidano Province is located in Sardinia’s southwest. The province draws its identity from the diversity of its environment (sea, mountains, plains, hills) and the resulting variety of products. It is located in one of the least-populated, but most pristine areas of the region, hence the name the ‘Green

Cycling trekking holiday in Sardinia

Cycling trekking holiday in Southern Sardinia. Blue Mines: Sardinia Bike & Trekking Tour | Real Sardinia Holiday We (my wife Nicola and I) first visited Southern Sardinia over a decade ago – we fell in love with it, the history, the food, the people, the landscape, the quiet un- spoilt beaches

Montevecchio Mines, Blue Mines trek 1

Trek1, Montevecchio Mines: Montevecchio was a silver-bearing and zinc mine and worked actively between 1853 and 1991. It was one of the most important mine plants and industrial areas in Italy and even in Europe. Nowadays, we can still admire some ruins of this glorious legacy if we drive from

Piscina Irgas waterfall trekking

Piscina Irgas waterfall trekking is our Trek3. The municipality of Villacidro boasts some of the most striking waterfalls in the whole of Sardinia, set in unspoilt, fascinating natural scenery. At about 1 km from the town, groups of tourists flock every year to the Sa Spendula locality to wonder at the

Scivu beach in Costa Verde

Scivu beach, around three kilometres long, is found along the prestigious Costa Verde and has fairly fine, light-coloured sand bordered by a bluff and hemmed by candid dunes. Its waters are of a changing blue due to the plays of light created by the sun reflected on the seabed. The

Malloreddus recipe and food history of Campidano and Marmilla

Food history in Campidano and Marmilla – geographical areas in the middle-south of Sardinia – has producted a special type of bread named civraxiu, a large focaccia with crunchy rind and soft core. Characteristic of the area are also the soups of legumes with lard and aromatic herbs, evoking the simple recipes