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Cycle trekking in Sardinia

Blue Mines cycle trekking Sardiniathe week is organised in such a way as to have a minimum of physical activity in the morning – bike or trekking –  before arriving at the finish line that will also be the topic of the day. Essentially the main attraction of our trek isn’t the bike, but the trip to the Museum or the mine or the temple etc. In the afternoon, after the lunch, the bike will take you in one of the wonderful beaches of the Costa Verde where it will be delivered fully equipped for your relaxation snorkeling kit, including a cooler for drinks and fruit and walkie-talkies (motorola T80) for any notice or emergency assistance. Our bikes are Torpado T820 new trekking unisex, in three different sizes, with custom dual pedals and Saddle more comfortable (it is however advised to have a pair of bike shorts), the bikes weigh about 13.70 kg aluminium frame, the groupset Shimano Alivio T4000, for trekking backpack we will backpack 20litri and Cape Mackintosh. In the next blog we’ll talk about various aspects of this week together with Blue Mines cyclo trekking.



  1. This is such a wonderful destination. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to experience a completely different side of Sardinia

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