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Cyclo trekking in Sardinia, Montevecchio

Montevecchio trek oneNow let’s go into the details of our week of cyclo trekking in the Geominerary Park in South West Sardinia. We start our trip on day 1 cycling along  a route of about 20 km: along route  we will find various archaeological industrial sites of social and cultural interest (mines and deserted mining villages). The local “Piccalinna mountain bike club will guide us with passion and professionalism throughout the trek. Lunch will be in their club headquarters. After lunch we will visit the mining site, and then return to base in the after lunch either with the minibus or by bicycle. The afternoon will be dedicated to a complete relaxation on the beautiful Piscinas beach with a nice dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea. The day has been organised to introduce our guests in this surreal world, where mining continued up to late 70’s and the minerals  extracted were transported by ship in the various countries.  This package holiday is unique as it was designed to give our clients the opportunity to experience a unique slice of forgotten history.



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