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Placebo’s “Jesus’ Son” video on Scivu beach

One of the top beaches in Sardinia is Scivu beach, with its pretty fine, pale sand, bordered behind by dunes. Its sea water is of a changing blue due to the glares created by the sun reflected on the seabed. And this place is so wild and isolated that in the night only stars and moon enlighten this place, reflecting on the dark water. This evocative set has been chosen by Placebo rock band for part of their “Jesus’ Son” video.

Placebo playing on Scivu beach

Around three kilometres long, Scivu beach is sited in the southern side of Costa Verde. The beach is only accessible on foot from the car parks of Nuraci and Ovile Scivu or by walking along the coast, or even over the surrounding dunes. The beach is a long expanse of sand closed by a sandstone cliffs. The colour of the sea is turquoise, and the water is very shallow, unlike the rest of Costa Verde beaches. A 600 hectares area behind the beach is today the Oasi WWF Scivu, one of the most interesting natural and landscape sites in the Mediterranean Sea. It includes the southern side of Piscinas coastal system, with high sand dunes covered by Mediterranean flora. The protection area aims to safeguard and enhance the natural environment, favouring the existence of fauna and flora, like Sardinian deers and century-old junipers.

Traditional Boes masks dancing in mine ruins
Traditional Boes masks dancing in mine ruins

But what brings Placebo members Brian Molko and Stefan Olsdal to Scivu beach? As reported on La Nuova Sardegna Brian Molko tells «I saw a video of a little festival that is called Duna Jam. Bands that played in Sardinia on a wonderful beach, and I said: that’s the place for my song». The band entrusted Joe Connor with the video direction. The young director, studying the traditional and local culture of Sardinia, got fascinated by the ancient masks of Carnival and the fire rituals. And in an archaic atmosphere and wild nature, among bonfires on the beach, the ruins of the mines and the dance of traditional masks, contemporary music meets an ancient and arcane culture.

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