Blue Mines Cycle Trekking


Cork oak forests. A resource for Sardinian craft

Riding on our bikes to our cultural destinations, we will usually be riding under cork oak forests. The area around Piscinas is surrounded by forests and Mediterranean scrub. Among the different species of flora that compose this natural environment there is the suérgiu tree (cork oak). This is very important for

Wellness retreat in Costa Verde

  A wellness retreat for active travellers Visit the Green Coast means to lose yourself into nature: an occasion to rediscover your inner peace, as a wellness retreat. It is the ideal destination to take a break from the stress of modern life. The suggestive Green Coast known as ‘Costa

Local food in Sardinian centenarians’ diet

Blue Mines is very concerned about healthy lifestyle. And it is not only a matter of cycling and walking activity: we also care about food and nutrition, providing a set of local meals. Local food has the leading role in Sardinian centenarians’ diet, and we want you to experience their lifestyle

Cycling and walking on holidays

Our holidays include four main topics: physical activity, relaxation, local history and good food. In this short article we want to talk you about why we think physical activity is important. It is practiced in our vacations by cycling and walking, every day in the morning. That is why we are going

Traditional organic food: Black Sheep pecorino cheese

Food in our cycling holidays in Sardinia has an important role. One of the place we are going to visit is Funtanazza Farm, near the beautiful beach of the same name. Here farmers produce a traditional organic food, the special pecorino cheese made of the milk of Black Sheep of Arbus