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Cycling and walking on holidays

Our holidays include four main topics: physical activity, relaxation, local history and good food. In this short article we want to talk you about why we think physical activity is important. It is practiced in our vacations by cycling and walking, every day in the morning. That is why we are going to reach and visit Sardinian cultural and natural sites included in our holidays.

Cycling and trekking
A trekking across Sardinian forests

Health and culture

Firstly, we believe that these activities are necessary in order to discover history and landscape. The island of Sardinia is often considered as an exclusive destination for beach tourism. In fact its interesting culture and inland landscape is underestimated and little-known by visitors.

Active holidays are also a way to promote and encourage an active lifestyle. The active mobility fosters health and physical well-being, and reduces environmental pollution. Indeed, among our keywords we have “sustainability” and “eco-friendly”.

Another benefit is that travel time lengthens. Unlike a car trip, cycling and walking help to grow the time and be able to admire more carefully the landscape and heritage along the routes.

So then our choice is easily explained. Physical activity becomes a way of maintaining health and to propose different activities on holidays. At the same time, it becomes a tool to know the territory and the local history.

Cycling and trekking
A way to get hungry: cycling before lunch time

Our cycling and trekking holidays

Our cycle trekking holidays provide the physical activities in the morning, after breakfast. They are arranged to be performed by anyone, without much effort. In any case, we can also increase the difficulty and length of tracks for those who are amateur sportsmen.

We provide full board and all entrance fees to museums and sites, as well as all the cycling and trekking equipment. except your personal walking shoes or hiking boots. All of our cycling excursions will be led by local guides who will give us exclusive access to a number of marked and unmarked paths previously used by local miners.

Cycling and trekking
Our cycling equipment


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