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Wellness retreat in Costa Verde


A wellness retreat for active travellers

Visit the Green Coast means to lose yourself into nature: an occasion to rediscover your inner peace, as a wellness retreat. It is the ideal destination to take a break from the stress of modern life.

The suggestive Green Coast known as ‘Costa Verde’ is one of the last Mediterranean paradise, it is the point where spontaneous vegetation of macchia (Mediterranean scrub) meets the sea, and beaches are far away from any human settlement.


An adventure among wild nature

The Green Coast is the wildest area of Sardinia: from September to June it is easy to encounter a deer on the dunes.

There are not inhabited centres, the nature is the only subject. The perfumes of Mediterranean vegetation are charming: junipers, wild olive, holly oaks, Spanish broom, myrtle, rosemary, sea lily, orchids.

This territory includes the WWF Oasis of Scivu where there are many species of protected animals, Mediterranean sparrows, peregrine falcons, sea turtles. Here it is possible to practice trekking and excursions where your senses will be enlightened.


A taste of Sardinia

The destination offers healthy traditional food: the taste of the sheep’s cheese from Green Coast is remarkable, it is produced in a territory which is considered one of Europe’s most ancient territories. It also is the place where the history of Sardinia mines is written. Combine the benefits of exploring Sardinia ancient culture with an active holiday in the great outdoors to give you a taste of the destination!

At the end of this wellness holiday with physical activity, relax and healthy food you are feeling rejuvenated in mind and body.


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