Blue Mines Cycle Trekking


Waterfalls in Villacidro mountains

In the territory of Villacidro there are some of the most beautiful and spectacular waterfalls of Sardinia. They are immersed in pristine and unspoiled mountains, in a natural environment of oak and cork forests. Sa Spendula waterfall One kilometer out of the town of Villacidro, Sa Spendula waterfall is visited

Landscapes in Sardinia. A variety of colours and scents

Blue Mines cycling holidays make tourists explore very different landscapes and places. The wild dunes of Piscinas, the mining areas of Montevecchio and Ingurtosu, the cultivated hills of Barumini. And each of these landscapes tells a part of the history of Sardinia, and the relationship between human and nature. Indeed,

Inside Earth: Su Mannau caves

Blue Mines Cycle Trekking means to let tourists know about the other side of Sardinia. Not the already famous one, pictured by the astonishing beaches and the deep blue sea – don’t worry, we are going to enjoy it too! We want to bring you in the un-spoilt nature and