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Inside Earth: Su Mannau caves

Blue Mines Cycle Trekking means to let tourists know about the other side of Sardinia. Not the already famous one, pictured by the astonishing beaches and the deep blue sea – don’t worry, we are going to enjoy it too! We want to bring you in the un-spoilt nature and in the local social history. Inside the culture, inside the land. And also, inside Earth.


In fact, one of our itineraries lead us to the caves of Su Mannau, near Fluminimaggiore. These are among the most ancient caves in the world. They are still active, so speleologists are very interested and still exploring them. Also, because of the nearby Punic-Roman temple of Antas, they are of great archaeological interest.

The cave complex is composed of two main branches, shaped and modeled by two subterranean rivers. The complex is 8.5 km long,  and the part open to tourists is a 500 meters long itinerary through spacious and comfortable walkways suspended on beautiful emerald green lakes.


The right branch is formed by the river Rapido (lit. Fast), and is constituted by numerous and variegated ducts and chambers, and among the most spectacular of the cave. The first chamber also has a great historical importance, since Nuragic, Punic and Roman remains have been located. Probably the ancient Sardinian populations went to the cave to practice water cults. In the following chambers large columns, stalagmites and stalactites, lakes and huge spaces can be admired. The Ribaldone chamber is the tallest and widest o; the Bianca chamber is rich in aragonites and stalagmite columns; the Virgin chamber is characterized by the white color created by the underlying river; the chamber of Abeti (Firs) is embellished by stalagmites and by the sparkling calcite crystals.

The left branch, formed by the river Placido (lit. Quiet), is also characterized by the presence of imposing chambers, among which the Rodriguez and Serra chambers, connected to the branch of the Infinity, and enriched by the beautiful cave pearls and the marvelous crystals in the upper branches.


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