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Waterfalls in Villacidro mountains

In the territory of Villacidro there are some of the most beautiful and spectacular waterfalls of Sardinia. They are immersed in pristine and unspoiled mountains, in a natural environment of oak and cork forests.

sardinian waterfalls
Sa Spendula during rainy season

Sa Spendula waterfall

One kilometer out of the town of Villacidro, Sa Spendula waterfall is visited each year by many visitors, in order to enjoy the spectacle offered by the beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is located in a natural context of enchanting beauty. As you can see in the picture, it definitely shows the most amazing spectacle during the rainy season, but in summer the visit is highly effective because it is one of the few perennial waterfalls in Sardinia. Probably, Sa Spendula waterfall is the most famous in Sardinia: the name really means “waterfall” in Sardinian language, and in 1882 Gabriele d’Annunzio dedicate a sonnet to its beauty.

sardinian waterfalls
Muru Mannu waterfall

Muru Mannu and Piscina Irgas waterfalls

Inside the protected area of Monti Mannu, covered by Mediterranean scrub and oak forest, there are two waterfalls: Muru Mannu and Piscina Irgas. The path to Muru Mannu is crossed by numerous fords that make it suggestive but dangerous during the peak of rainy seasons. It leads to the discovery of the most impressive waterfall Sardinian: Muru Mannu. It is approximately 70 meters high in its biggest jump, in a tight space between two rock walls. At his feet it has formed a lovely lake surrounded by a forest of oaks and holly trees.

sardinian waterfalls
Piscina Irgas waterfall

Another path leads to a panoramic open space from which you may well admire the fascinating spectacle of Piscina Irgas waterfall. It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Sardinia, surrounded by imposing granite rocks. It flows into a deep pool with a jump of about 45 meters high. Water have dug large potholes, from where it runs fast along a gully between oaks, arbutus, heather and oleanders.

The latter is the one we are going to visit. This is the only itinerary without bike. We will walk on a medium difficulty path, about two hours long. The minibus will leave us at Cantina Ferraris, starting point of the trek. The path has a slight gradient and offers panoramic terraces, from which we can enjoy the view of some of the highest peaks of the Linas mountains, as Magusu peak (1023 m a. s. l.) and Acua Zinnigas peak (1136m a. s. l.).

sardinian waterfalls
A dive in Piscina Irgas (cold) lake!

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