Blue Mines Cycle Trekking


Cycling and walking on holidays

Our holidays include four main topics: physical activity, relaxation, local history and good food. In this short article we want to talk you about why we think physical activity is important. It is practiced in our vacations by cycling and walking, every day in the morning. That is why we are going

Cyclo trekking in Sardinia, Montevecchio

Montevecchio trek one: Now let’s go into the details of our week of cyclo trekking in the Geominerary Park in South West Sardinia. We start our trip on day 1 cycling along  a route of about 20 km: along route  we will find various archaeological industrial sites of social and cultural interest (mines and deserted mining villages). The local “Piccalinna mountain bike club“ will

Cycle trekking in Sardinia

Blue Mines cycle trekking Sardinia: the week is organised in such a way as to have a minimum of physical activity in the morning – bike or trekking –  before arriving at the finish line that will also be the topic of the day. Essentially the main attraction of our trek isn’t the bike, but the trip to

Blue Mines cycle trekking project

The idea of Blue Mines cycle trekking project was born to accommodate different aspects of sustainable and environmental friendly holidays, full of socio-cultural light. Our ideal clients are couples and not just what they are interested in a complete package of equipment and safe guides that every day will be able to immerse yourself in