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Traditional organic food: Black Sheep pecorino cheese

Food in our cycling holidays in Sardinia has an important role. One of the place we are going to visit is Funtanazza Farm, near the beautiful beach of the same name. Here farmers produce a traditional organic food, the special pecorino cheese made of the milk of Black Sheep of Arbus

Placebo’s “Jesus’ Son” video on Scivu beach

One of the top beaches in Sardinia is Scivu beach, with its pretty fine, pale sand, bordered behind by dunes. Its sea water is of a changing blue due to the glares created by the sun reflected on the seabed. And this place is so wild and isolated that in the

Lord Brassey: an English Man in Arbus

Sardinia is an Island rich in history and one of the most fascinating and rich periods is that of the 19th Century, where the South Western side of the Island played a key role in Italy’s Industrial Revolution through its’flourishing mining industry. In fact, among the characters involved in the

Porto Flavia and Masua mine tour

Trek 6, Masua & Porto Flavia: Porto Flavia is a sea harbour located near Nebida. Built in 1923–24, it served as the mineral production hub of Masua in the west coast of the Sardinian Sulcis area. It is named after Flavia Vecelli, the daughter of Cesare Vecelli, who engineered and designed the