Blue Mines Cycle Trekking


Traditional organic food: Black Sheep pecorino cheese

Food in our cycling holidays in Sardinia has an important role. One of the place we are going to visit is Funtanazza Farm, near the beautiful beach of the same name. Here farmers produce a traditional organic food, the special pecorino cheese made of the milk of Black Sheep of Arbus

Atlantis Rising: James Cameron in Sardinia

On Sunday the 29th there will be the preview in the U. S. of the two hours-long documentary ‘Atlantis Rising’, edited by National Geographic. The interest is strong, due to the fact that the executive producer is the Oscar-winning James Cameron, while the director of the series is the Emmy-winning

Piscinas sand dunes: a desert in Europe

Our cycling holidays in Sardinia include accommodation at one of the most spectacular places in the Mediterranean Sea: the Piscinas sand dunes coastal system or desert of Piscinas. Adjoining with the sea, this beautiful beach is one of the places for the afternoon relaxation hours, after the morning physical activities

Monti Arcuentu. A place of history and legends

The Arcuentu mountain chain is situated to the north of Guspini and Arbus, and on the southern end it  borders on Monte Linas. The geological typology is mostly basaltic, and the rocks makes up a series of basalt pinnacles that make this volcanic, uninhabited, landscape landscape. The main peaks are

Lord Brassey: an English Man in Arbus

Sardinia is an Island rich in history and one of the most fascinating and rich periods is that of the 19th Century, where the South Western side of the Island played a key role in Italy’s Industrial Revolution through its’flourishing mining industry. In fact, among the characters involved in the

Zafferano di Sardegna, a protected spice

The Zafferano di Sardegna is the typical Sardinian saffron. This spice derives from the flower of Crocus sativus, also known as the saffron crocus. Since 2009 Sardinian saffron produced in the Medio Campidano county is recognised as a protected typical product, through a D.O.P. certification.  Cultivated in San Gavino, Villanovafranca and Turri towns, in each one

Cyclo trekking in Sardinia, Montevecchio

Montevecchio trek one: Now let’s go into the details of our week of cyclo trekking in the Geominerary Park in South West Sardinia. We start our trip on day 1 cycling along  a route of about 20 km: along route  we will find various archaeological industrial sites of social and cultural interest (mines and deserted mining villages). The local “Piccalinna mountain bike club“ will

Cycle trekking in Sardinia

Blue Mines cycle trekking Sardinia: the week is organised in such a way as to have a minimum of physical activity in the morning – bike or trekking –  before arriving at the finish line that will also be the topic of the day. Essentially the main attraction of our trek isn’t the bike, but the trip to

Blue Mines cycle trekking project

The idea of Blue Mines cycle trekking project was born to accommodate different aspects of sustainable and environmental friendly holidays, full of socio-cultural light. Our ideal clients are couples and not just what they are interested in a complete package of equipment and safe guides that every day will be able to immerse yourself in

Cycling trekking holiday in Sardinia

Cycling trekking holiday in Southern Sardinia. Blue Mines: Sardinia Bike & Trekking Tour | Real Sardinia Holiday We (my wife Nicola and I) first visited Southern Sardinia over a decade ago – we fell in love with it, the history, the food, the people, the landscape, the quiet un- spoilt beaches