Blue Mines Cycle Trekking


Thanks to its cultural richness and varied landscape, Medio Campidano offers countless activities, including hillwalking and cycling routes to discover local environment, the history/culture of the area, sampling food-and-wine and much more.

Wildlife lovers may prefer discovering amazing paths among rugged mountains, landscapes of gentle slopes, marshy wetlands or coastlines of evocative beauty.

Cultural itineraries, on the other hand, will take visitors to picturesque corners among ancient walls, religious settlements, old rural churches, archaeological sites of Nuragic, Phoenician/Punic and Roman ages, in addition to sites of industrial archaeology throughout the mining areas.

Not to be missed, the food-and-wine is closely linked to local folklore; they offer the pleasure to taste delicious dishes, while taking a chance to hand down a century-old culture and flavours.



  • PriceFrom £1450
  • Board Basis Full Board
  • Equipment ProvidedBicycle, Helmet
    Umbrellas and More
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  • TransfersIncluded
  • Duration7 Days (Sunday to Sunday)
  • Available FromApril - November
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* Itinerary subject to weather

Trek 1 – Montevecchio Mine

CYCLING, MUSEUM, BEACH… Breakfast 08.00-09.15. Cycling 16 km (10 miles, difficulty level medium) visiting the Montevecchio mining site. Visiting the local mining Museum. Lunch at the local Cycling Club Headquarters. Return with the minibus to relax on Piscinas beach for the rest of the afternoon. Return by foot, bike or

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Trek 2 – Su Nuraxi Barumini (Unesco World Heritage Site)

CYCLING,  SU NURAXI BARUMINI, BEACH… Breakfast 08.00-09.15. Cycling 20 km (12 miles, difficulty level low, mainly flat tarmac road) to Barumini. Lunch Visit the Nuraghe site and museum. Return with the minibus relax on Piscinas beach for the rest of the afternoon. Return on foot, bike or minibus (only 1.2 miles from

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Trek 3 – Waterfalls Piscina Irgas

TREKKING, PISCINA IRGAS WATERFALL, BEACH… Breakfast 08.30-09.15. Minibus transfer to trekking location. Trekking on foot only 7km (4.4 miles, difficulty level medium or “E” rating) to Piscina Irgas. Lunch and a swim. Transfer by minibus back to site or local beach (optional). Dinner served from 19.30-22.30 pm     Medium

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Trek 4 – Tempio di Antas & Grotta di Su Mannau

CYCLING, TEMPIO DI ANTAS, TREKKING, GROTTA DI SU MANNAU, BEACH… Breakfast 08.00-09.15. Cycling 23km (13 miles, difficulty level low/medium) to Tempio di Antas. Lunch. Trekking on foot 2.5km (1.5 miles, difficulty level medium or “T/E” rating) to vist Grotte di Su Mannau. Transfer with the minibus in the local beach

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Trek 5 – Black Sheep Farm & Funtanazza

CYCLING, VISIT BLACK SHEEP FARM, FUNTANAZZA BEACH… Breakfast 08.00-09.15. Yoga lesson 09.30-10.30. Cycling 20km (12 miles, difficulty level medium) to visit Funtanazza farm (organic sheep farm producing cheese). Lunch Then relaxing in the Colonia Marina Di Funtanazza beach (former holiday retreat for the children of the miners of the area)

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Trek 6 – Masua & Porto Flavia (Cala Domestica Beach)

  CYCLING, MINE, MUSEUM, BEACH… Breakfast 08.00-09.15. Cycling 30km (19 miles, difficulty level medium) to visit Masua Panoramic view (Pan di Zucchero). Lunch. Then a visit to the Porto Flavia mine site and the Museum. Minibus transfer to relax on the famous Cala Domestica beach for the rest of the

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