Blue Mines Cycle Trekking

Trek 4 – Tempio di Antas & Grotta di Su Mannau


  • Breakfast 08.00-09.15.
  • Cycling 23km (13 miles, difficulty level low/medium) to Tempio di Antas.
  • Lunch.
  • Trekking on foot 2.5km (1.5 miles, difficulty level medium or “T/E” rating) to vist Grotte di Su Mannau.
  • Transfer with the minibus in the local beach Scivu for the rest of the afternoon.
  • Dinner served between 19.30-22.30.



Temple of Antas is a temple Punic-Roman dedicated to the worship of the god Eponym of the Sardinians Sardus Pater Babai (Sid Addir to the Carthaginians). It’s located in an area where the Carthaginians and the Romans settled, attracted by the abundant deposit of lead and iron present in the territory.

An ancient path that connects the archaeological site to speleological cave in which, due to the finds of nuragic objects, it’s believed that the water cult was practised.


Grotta di Su Mannau Cave is divided in two main sections, on different levels, originating from two underground rivers: the river Placido to the left and the Rapido river on the right. The total length is 8km and the highest point is 153 meters (502 feet). The open part is composed of several rooms decorated with concretions, stalactites and stalagmites (the highest being 11 meters 36 foot), columns that rise up to 15 meters (49 foot), the aragonite crystal, underground lakes.

In addition to tourism, the cave is also interesting from the archaeological and scientific aspect. Inside were found in fact the remains of some votive oil lamps and other objects from the Nuragic, Phoenician and Roman periods. Scholars believe that in ancient rituals related to sacred water and somehow connected to the Antas Temple not far from the cave.