Blue Mines Cycle Trekking

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When you think of Sardinia most people will automatically think of pristine beaches, the crystal clear sea and wild un-spoilt landscapes.

Yes Sardinia’s beaches have been voted some of the best beaches in the world, but there is another side to Sardinia that we want to introduce you to as well; its mining and cultural heritage. Indeed, through our carefully tailored cycle / trekking excursions and Italian hospitality you will have the trip of a lifetime.Though enjoyable cycling and trekking we will introduce you to a bewitching and evocative world full of abandoned villages, old mines and landscapes that are so beautiful, architecturally fascinating and wonderful that UNESCO listed them in their first ever “Geomineral, Historical and Environmental Park of Sardinia” declaring them a site that is “heritage to humanity “You will be cycling through the province of Medio Campidano, through an environment that has been mined for over 8000 years, relaxing on pristine white sand beaches and sleeping in a restored miners cottage after eating a traditional Sardinian dinner. Blue Mines Cycle Trekking is a complete holiday – Exercise, culture, relaxation, great food all set in national park that is both peaceful and quiet.

  • Full Board
  • Free Transfers
  • Warm Sardinian Hospitality
  • Sustainable 0 Miles Food
  • Lovely Italian Meals
  • Eco Label Certified
  • Most Equipment Provided (just bring personal luggage)
  • All Excursions Included
  • Trip Of A Lifetime
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